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A Ramaz Donadze Thriller


Shortlisted for the Bloody Scotland Debut Novel Prize 2021


Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia.


A young woman is murdered, her body dumped in the river, a sad but familiar event in Georgia’s capital city. But the victim was a call girl controlled by a ruthless crime boss. Could it just be chance that her clients included a senior government minister and the American manager of a multi-national energy company? And will anyone care?


Lieutenant Ramaz Donadze cares. A rebel—obsessed, mistrusted, and driven by tragic family history—he may be the only detective in the city willing to risk everything to achieve justice for the murdered woman.


For police work is tough in Georgia, a small country struggling to maintain independence from its former master, Russia, and to mend the damage caused by decades of internal strife, corruption and war.


As Donadze gets closer to the truth, the stakes build, shadowy figures emerge and people get hurt. With his safety, relationships and career threatened, Donadze must overcome powerful vested interests to expose a conspiracy, find a killer and—if he can do it—lay his demons to rest.



The Second Ramaz Donadze Thriller



Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia.


Young women, taken from their homes, manipulated, commoditised and sold into prostitution—their humanity stripped bare. Modern day slavery—the scourge of our age. But when two women are murdered in a Tbilisi apartment, Lieutenant Ramaz Donadze investigates.


An embarrassment to the country’s political leadership and considered merely collateral damage in a Mafia turf war, the victims might have been forgotten, their fate and the fate of others like them, whitewashed.


Donadze will not let that happen. Father to a baby girl and struggling to maintain a relationship with the woman he loves, he remains driven by the tragic family history he cannot let overwhelm him.


Passed over for promotion, Donadze is assigned a young and idealistic partner. Powerful forces confront them in their pursuit of the killers, but help may come from the most formidable institution in the land—the Georgian Orthodox Church.


Skirting the edges of the law, how far will Donadze go to bring justice for the dead and retribution to the guilty, the cruel and the contemptuous?


Brings Georgia vividly to life in this complex thriller - Marion Todd



The new Ramaz Donadze Thriller

Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia.


A bank is robbed, cash stolen, two people brutally murdered. Cruel and vicious criminality in Georgia’s capital city.


The work of professional killers, their actions appear senseless: pointless murder and a small sum of money taken. And what of the bank itself? Georgia’s most important financial institution, guardian of the nation’s prosperity and a major employer. Protected, powerful and too big to provoke?


Lieutenant Ramaz Donadze doesn’t think so. For him, all murder is personal. With a growing reputation for getting the job done, his tragic past continues to haunt and drive him; his actions compulsive, reckless and ultimately damaging to himself and the people he holds most dear.


As the Georgian nation nervously watches war play out in a neighbouring country, the memories of its own war with the same aggressor still raw, Donadze must deliver his enduring promise regardless of the cost—justice for the dead and punishment of the guilty.


AJ Liddle writes with style and undoubted authority, and in Ramaz Donadze he’s created a complex hero we can root for - Craig Robertson

From the shocking opening, No Rules Apply hits the ground running and does not stop - Marion Todd


Ramaz Donadze is an excellent addition to the cast of international fictional police detectives - Mark Wightman

A page-turning roller-coaster ride involving ruthless criminals and high-up corruption in a vividly evoked setting. Ramaz Donadze is Georgia’s Rebus: maverick, insubordinate and determined to get his perp - Marsali Taylor

From the terrifying opening the case gallops towards an intense and thrilling conclusion, will keep you compulsively turning pages - GR Halliday

Gripping. Had me hooked from the first page. - Andrew James Greig

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